Summer Project List

Summer is almost here. It is my least busy time of the year and I love spending it at home relaxing with family and friends or going for some holiday getaways. Since I will have a lot of free time at home, there are many updates that I want to make around this year and I am determined to do most of them by myself. To get things started, I am going to need several tools such as paintbrushes, nails, a hammer, and scissors among others.

Let me share with you a few of my DIY projects that I will embark on this summer season; and which you can try out too. They are very doable and effective and they will leave you feeling like a DIY champion at the end of the day.

DIY rainbow effect fan blades

Creating a rain a rainbow effect on your fan blades will not only leave you with a cooling device but also an amazing d├ęcor piece. Turn the fan off and plug if off the switch. Remove the top protective cover to access the fan blades. Using a brush and paints, paint the blade with the rainbow colors just as they appear on the rainbow. Allow the paint to dry completely so that it does not mess other house items. Return the protective cover and enjoy your upgraded fun.

DIY home lanterns

Using simple tins in your home, you can come up with adorable lanterns. Take several tins and paint them differently using your favorite color shades. Using a nail and a hammer, make some small holes all over around the tin after the paint has dried. Finally, put a candle in each can and light them up. Place them strategically in the house for an amazing lighting experience.

DIY Plate Butterfly Feeders

Butterfly feeders will not only magically beautify your flower garden, but they also promote the growth of your flowers due to increased pollination. Fasten a wire plate holder at the lower side of an acrylic plate. Tie four twenty-five inches strings at the prongs on the edge of the plate. Randomly put some colorful beads on the strings and secure them with knots. Tie the four strings together at the top around a hook. Randomly fix brightly colored flowers on the strings with the help of a hot glue gun. Make some butterfly food by mixing sugar and hot water and allowing it to cool. Put a sponge at the center of the plate, saturate it with the mixture and finally hang your feeder on a tree.

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Modify my fan

During those hot summer afternoons, all one wants to do is take a stroll along the beach as the cool sea breeze cools you off. However, it is not always you will get a chance for such strolls and the A.C or the fun in your home cannot give you that particular cooling. The amazing thing is that there is a way you can hack that simple fan in your home and you enjoy a cool sea like breeze right from the comfort of your home. Just fill a bowl with ice and position it an angle in front of your fan. As the fun rotates, the air will whip off the ice from the bowl, producing a chilled misty ocean-like breeze.

DIY photo frame

You can create gorgeous frames for your family photos and pictures using a collection of seashells and a wooden frame. Measure out the photos or the pictures size at the center of the wood or cardboard and mark it out. Using some glue, nicely fix the seashells evenly on the frame edges. Allow the seashells to dry on the wood and using some glue, affix the photo at the center on the section you had marked out.

To do a good painting job, you need a good handheld paint sprayer. Here are two that have used:

Graco Magnum 262805

Graco Magnum 262805


A very well known name in the handheld tools industry, you will love the power and the efficiency of the Graco Magnum 262805. It is just the perfect thing for small and medium-sized tasks that you do not need to hire a professional for.

Easy to clean
Can spray-paint from various angles
Can be used for virtually every small to medium painting job at home
Good for indoor spraying as it does not waste paint
This makes it easier to get the job done

It is a bit more expensive than most others.

HP 3000 Handheld Sprayer


HP 3000 Handheld



For large or small surfaces, the HP 3000 hand-held sprayer is the real deal for you. It works like a marvel and you can also use it for big projects such as fence painting. It is one of the best handheld sprayers in the market.

Has a powerful motor
Holds a good amount of paint
Good for fence painting project
Cleans easily
Evenly sprayed paint on the surface

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A bit heavy